2 comments on “The World Cup

  1. Hey Drew,

    Cool! I didn’t know you had a blog!

    I think you’re exactly right. The only reason people tend to like any sport is that they identify it as part of their culture. Because you’ve spent time in Eurrope (as have I), we sort of “get” soccer, whereas most people in the United States who haven’t played or been exposed to the game, just don’t identify. I suspect this is also why most Europeans don’t get baseball or American football. They’re games that we’re raised on and unless they spend time in the U.S. and see them as extensions of their own identity, they just won’t get it.


  2. Passion. It drives anybody to do anything. The World Cup is just a glimpse into the passion of others throughout our very unknown world. One thing is for sure, when a country scores no matter if they are a third world country, in the tropics, or an economic super power, we all react the same, and the reaction is the passion seeping out of our bodies. You will never see more out of ones being when playing for their own respective country and its pride. But be careful, soccer turns into an addiction, trust me…and its one addiction I am never willing to give up.

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